friday night rum

he called me, you know. he confessed his fantasy. your fantasy. he wants you to watch suck me while he takes you from behind. 

we both know that’s not your true fantasy, don’t we?

you want me to have you all to myself. just the two of us. kissing while we fuck. frantically making love. knowing each other’s skin. dreaming of everything, and more. 

i didn’t tell him your true fantasy. i told him, “sure, i can do Friday night. i’ll bring the rum.”

never another, Amy

every time 

< i grip her hips, and pull her to me,

< and bend her down, and bite

< her neck, and hear her breath

< sharply shorten, and feel

< her hand push and pull and desperately

< guide my cock towards her glistening

< wet cunt –

i still wish, and think, and close my eyes and dream,

of you, Amy

jingle balls

i can’t remember the last time i “shared”, so since it’s the season for giving, what better time to go all out and really share something special. christmas has come early, and it’s gonna be a hot one! happy holidays everyone!



to share a laugh, a smile, and wine

to strip away your awkwardness

to cause the sweat on your skin

[uh, well actually, yes]

to feel your gush on my fingers

to bleed from your raking nails

to hold your shaking thighs

[ohhmg (fuckme)]

to taste your tongue

to hear your heart

to blur the lines of love and lust and

[oh, please]

to slumber, and never leave this room, just

to know you, just

to dream, just

say yes, just