overnight getaway

everything is washedwhitecrisp
clean and snowpure
bliss’ed sunrise throwing it’s
majesty across our entwined limbs
, sheets and
, mess’ed hair

the sea’s
breeze/ crashing/ humming/
mixes with your whispers in my waking ear

good fucking morning –
dreams, continued in the light
of this (fantasy) fantastic new day

shake your house

i made love to one,
and fucked another,

the first, my love,
with eyes open
the other, my muse,
with eyes closed.

oh! the symphony of voices,
i heard with my ears,
and my mind’s imaginings.

oh! the strumming i felt
from her tipping fingers
(and her ripping nails)
across my back.

, and
oh! the gripping and rippling of her
cunt as she came
, and the roaring of my fire
, and the gripping of her hips, in my hands
when i closed my eyes
and shook her house, down,
to the dirty,
dirty ground.