this wine has developed quite beautifully with age.

the same cannot be said for my kink. all that’s fine about it is the line it treads with depravity.

pour me another fucking glass, before we decide who will cry, while watching the other masturbate.


flip flop fuck(ed up)

we hadn’t fucked for about a week, so i wasn’t going to let a not-in-the-mood inducing day be an excuse to extend the run another night. besides, we were both freshly shaved and it would be a shame to waste all of that smooth skin.

she gripped my neck as i entered her.

i gripped her wrists and held her down.

she gripped my shaft with her rippling rippler.

the image of your face (my muse, my muse, oh, my muse) gripped my senses
, and took me to the edge

but, it was
the image of the face of the young blonde from the office that smiled at me today that
, blew my fucking mind.