masturbate, to diirrty

think of me, and wryly smile
recline, with dampened thighs, expected sighs, clos’ed eyes
and think, think, think of me
and mine

say my name, shout my name, whisper, yell, and scream my name
shake, quake, shiver, and quiver
with escap’ed breath across you lips whispering my name

fucking do it! fuck your cunt! with
fingers deep, and fingers flicking
thrust and thrust and thrust and buck!
think of me, my name, my cock, then

and say my name, in vain

morality, recycled

my ears are sore from the squealing
mouths of sequinned disco sluts that swarm around
my saturday nights

my cock is tired of the stone cold, cocaine trashed mascara faced whores
that stain my carpet, again

my mind is wiped of morality
i’ll do it all again
next week