just one thing

i imagine your touch, when her fingers caress my skin.

i imagine your mouth, when her lips are on mine.

i imagine your sigh, when i taste her velvet rush.

but i don’t think of you when she sucks me, because when it comes to giving head, she’s the best in the business.


P.S. in case you were wondering, i like fucking both of you, equally.


part of me wants to give you what you deserve. to love you as your soul mate, and cherish your heart with everything i have.

part of me wants to give you what you want. to fuck your ass like a porn star, and treat you like any other one of my whores.

tell me my poor, conflicted child. what should be our compromise?


i recite the bible, and dirty poetry, as you suck my cock in the car park

my words fuck your ears, and your conscience fucks your mind

, my seed fills your mouth
, His guilt fills your eyes, with tears
and yet
you’ve never felt more real