Turn off the light. Close your eyes.

Feel my fingers on your neck.
Feel your dress slide to the floor.
Feel the breeze brush your skin.
Feel the radiant warmth of mine.
Feel my thigh brush yours.
Feel the sheet on your body as you lay down.
Feel my palms on your back.
Feel your aches slip away beneath my touch.
Feel your cunt moisten.
Feel my weight over you.
Feel my grip of your hips.
Feel my stubble on your neck.
Feel my breath on your cheek.
Feel my gentle kiss.
Feel my need.
Feel the anticipation.
Feel my penetration.
Feel your accommodation.
Feel my sex.
Feel your lust.
Feel my thrust.
Feel my cock, fucking your body, fucking your cunt, fucking your love, fucking your mind.

Feel me, feel us, feel this perfection.

Feel our dream wash over and course through you.
Feel your rise.
Feel my fever.
Feel your control, lost with mine.
Feel my seed, filling your hungry lust.
Feel my strength, fade and fall.
Feel my embrace.
Feel my caress.
Feel my naked honesty, vulnerability, and self – in your arms.

20 thoughts on “Feel

  1. Right ON!

    I think I have too much wine in my aging body for a quick reply….wait.

    I have you in mind
    When I think of hips
    Coming together
    In a pleasant grind.
    Stop falling in love
    Please be kind.

    (Yeah, that sucked.) 🙂

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