i’m in the mood

i’m in no mood for romance. i’m not seeking the thrill of the chase. i don’t care if your hair is a mess or that you haven’t had time for a shower.

i want your sweaty mess.
i want your instant attention.
i don’t care if we get caught.

i want to fuck you,

i want

i want to know your scent.

i want to know what it feels like to have your nails run down my back.

i want you to experience me.

i want that moment just before we do everything for the first time.

i want you to photograph me.

i want to walk in the rain with you.

i want you to whisper your desire in my ear.

i want to see the look in you eye when i come inside you.

i want you to want me.

i want you to choose me.

i want you.

yes, you.

tryst me

we’re both writers, and want to share an illicit and carnal affair. you want me to love you in front of your husband, and fuck you behind a closed door. (yes, i’d pull your hair when i come). this is a modern day deluded love story. your anaïs weaves her way into my henry, except you are not french, and i’m not an american. you want to be dared, and so, i do. be my pussy willow.