i just might

dare i imagine your touch, when merely your gaze sends me to places of infinite distraction?

oh, the places we could fly.

dare i reach out to you, again, grasping for air in rarefied heights only we could share, only to fall desperately close to being the one that didn’t get away?

oh, i could
(but won’t, but shouldn’t,
i just might)

3 thoughts on “i just might

  1. This reminds me of how eagles mate – clawinginto the other until one or both release the other so they can fly away and not hit the ground. I’m super tired so this might sound odd.

      • Well, now awake, I just read your “italic” post. That one was like a single fancy, deliciously decadent, chocolate confection placed on her _______ – that’s all I saw. You have to fill in the blank yourself. Lovely bits – Candy Man. J

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