echo your name

the room is large and entirely empty, except for you, me, and the chair i’m sitting in. the light is bright, but comfortably so. the walls are white, and the floor is timber, amber and light.

every sound is amplified, in echo.

i begin to whistle.
i hear you exhale.
you recognise the song.

“Emma, Emily”
you start to sway.

“I’m gonna write your name high…”
you start to dance.

“… on that silver screen.”
you start to undress.

you start to tease.

“Emma, Emily”
you start to approach.

“I’m gonna make you the biggest star…”
you start to touch.

“… this world has ever seen.”
you start to obey.

oh, do you obey.
ohhhemmaemilyyy …

5 thoughts on “echo your name

      • I’ve been searching for a song that is sexy/ funny/arousing for the past two days but I keep coming back to my first thought. “Perfect Day,” Lou Reed.

        If you dont like that, there’s always, “Delta Dawn,” Tammy Wynette. 🙂

      • See! That is my problem. I am chronically nice. We can work around this though. I will whistle, “Perfect Day,” and will find ways of using your mouth that will rid us of the choice. Of a good song. YEAH!!!! Just breath My Dirty Friend! 😉

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