Appreciate you

I’m feeling particularly appreciative today. Thankful for anyone who stops by my blog.

If you take the time to comment, I appreciate your words. I really do.

If you like posts, I appreciate the gesture. I really do.

If you just stop by without a trace, I appreciate that too. Hello! Maybe you could say hi sometime. I’d like to make your acquaintance!

(No, really, who are you! I’m curious! Please say hi!)

X diirrty

i just might

dare i imagine your touch, when merely your gaze sends me to places of infinite distraction?

oh, the places we could fly.

dare i reach out to you, again, grasping for air in rarefied heights only we could share, only to fall desperately close to being the one that didn’t get away?

oh, i could
(but won’t, but shouldn’t,
i just might)

echo your name

the room is large and entirely empty, except for you, me, and the chair i’m sitting in. the light is bright, but comfortably so. the walls are white, and the floor is timber, amber and light.

every sound is amplified, in echo.

i begin to whistle.
i hear you exhale.
you recognise the song.

“Emma, Emily”
you start to sway.

“I’m gonna write your name high…”
you start to dance.

“… on that silver screen.”
you start to undress.

you start to tease.

“Emma, Emily”
you start to approach.

“I’m gonna make you the biggest star…”
you start to touch.

“… this world has ever seen.”
you start to obey.

oh, do you obey.
ohhhemmaemilyyy …

you choose

if i were a slut, sexually, i’d ask you to send me a photo of your body.

if i were a slut, romantically, i’d ask you to send me a photo of your smile.

if i were a slut, sensually, i’d ask you to send me a photo of your eyes.

you choose. what kind of slut am i?

(please say all three, please say all three)


this will have to be a quick post, the battery on my phone is just about to run out.

i’ve often imagined what it would be like to be with you.

my lust for you drives me absolutely insane.

every time i see your face, my cock thickens. i feel the weight of it in my hand, i close my eyes, and i see your eyes.

if i ever get the chance to meet you, the first thing i woul