mistake you

my head is a blur, bathing in caffeine, and the thunder
gives me a hard-on, not helping me take
my mind off you-
-r taunting (almost sauntering)
words. write me a love
song, a poem, a letter, a-
-nything to feed my incessant, ridiculous
you-obsession, unless i might break in two
halves, three halves, which is something
that coffee, and storms, and masturbation
can’t fix. oh, fuck, now the rain is blowing
in through the open window. is that you?
before i close it. write me, so i don’t
mistake you for the rain.

10 thoughts on “mistake you

  1. I love the dark, bitter flavour of this poem. It is heavy, full bodied, passionately intense – like a hard on. This feeling, I know.

  2. I always wish that you wrote these poems for me! I think that you are a closet romantic…if you really were, I would throw a lavish coming-out party for you and then quietly fuck your sentimental brains out. 😉

    Bisous Dirty Friend,

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