lately, she’s enjoyed the clip of my hand across her ass.
it’s normally when her hair is tangled, and i’ve heard her curse my name several times.
i love taking her from behind. while i do like to see her eyes roll back when she comes, i much prefer the view of her quiver quivering around me.
oh, excuse me. i almost forgot about her!
she’s been tied to the banister the whole time i’ve been writing this.

the list

we took turns until
her cunt cramped, and her tears
dried on her cheeks.

the next morning, she called
for me to service her first.

i told him, “i knew she would”

he told me, “i knew she would, too”
and, “she’s predictable like that.”

he sat in the chair and watched
me fuck his wife again,
and again, and then

, he picked up a notebook, turned
seven pages, and wrote my name
at the bottom of a long,
long list.

i laughed, shrugged, then wiped
my cock clean on his pillowcase.
i left satisfied, but unsure about
the state of my dignity.

busted air (conditioning)

hey, lover, lover,
lets take a trip. lets
jump on a plane and fly
someplace. it doesn’t matter
where. malaysia,
or egypt,
or tanzania,
or greece. we can
walk the streets, eat
different foods, drink
local beers, and make
love on squeaky bed
mattresses in thin
walled hotel rooms with
busted airconditioning. lets go
for a week, for
a month, for
a year. let’s
go, let’s go, let’s

that’s the way (aha aha)

she told me that she gets wet when she sucks my cock.
i told her that i get hard when she talks to me like that.
(that’s why we’re fucking perfect for each other).
as she kneels and takes me in, i tell her to touch herself.
i want her to come too, (i’m a gentleman), but my hands are busy grasping her head.