truth, perhaps

my latest dream about you, several nights ago, still lingers in my conscious thoughts.

you were bent over before me, your cunt was luxurious and welcoming, like an embrace from a long lost lover.

i wanted to take you. fuck you. but i also wanted to give you more. first, I wanted the pleasure to be only yours.

right now, i allow myself to daydream, recalling the dream, recalling how my fingers disappeared into your swollen cunt. it causes my cock to harden and press against the underside of my desk.

do you know what you’re doing to me?
do you know that i’ve allowed you to have this power over me?

make true this dream. you could have me. you could disarm me. perhaps, you could even love me.


9 thoughts on “truth, perhaps

  1. i love that you all got something different out of it. perhaps i was dreaming about you all in some way. perhaps i love you all. perhaps i want to fuck you all. perhaps you all have some power over me. perhaps all three.
    perhaps, there’s no perhaps about it.

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