“yes, everything my dear. i want to see everything.”

she does as she is told, and peels off her clothes.
she is ashamed of her body, but shouldn’t be.
she thinks she is fat, but the only thing that is fat
is my rising cock, swaying, as i walk towards her.
her meek little voice emits a gasp, like a mouse, as my fingers twist her nipples.

“i like tan lines on a small breast. now, turn around, bend over, and hold on tight.”

fuck, it’s hot, it’s like summer

the weather is warming up, and my consideration for clothing is what not to wear. i love summer. i revel in the uncomfortableness of humidity. i bathe in the thick air and the subsequent beer drinking. i like the earlier sun rises and the later sun sets. i like the girls in tight wet bikinis, hiding their tight wet cunts, but not really. i like their dark, oversized glasses, hiding their sweet innocent eyes, but not really. i don’t need an excuse to be disgraceful, but i’d prefer one.