the way it was

it wasn’t a dark and stormy night, last night. it wasn’t hot and steamy, nor were there glistening stars and a shimmering moon lighting the bedroom. it was a night, just like any other.

i lead you to the bed. i undressed you slowly. i layed you down.
you were trembling.
then, i lay over you, and simply started
to fuck you.

i would slow down from time to time, almost stopping
then i let my fingers take over
i kissed your neck, and placed my hands on your hips 
your hands were on my back and my thighs, pulling me to you
into you
so wet
hand in your hair


i sucked your breast, and fucked you


i bit your ear, and fucked your cunt, harder.
you arched, and shuddered, and
my come actually felt hot as i spilled into you

you swore, and dug your nails into the small of my back

i kept going, and kept thursting as my fingers rubbed your clit
your whole body bucked, and i held you down. your cunt was dripping and hot, and
i pulled my cock out, and slid my fingers there, feeling your warmth, and rubbing my come back over your clit, and all over your crotch

is that how you’d want me to fuck you?
we’d be amazing.

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