rock me

i like smooth skin, wild hair, toned thighs, and an experienced tongue.

but the things that really stoke my fire are a strong laugh, an intense desire, and a voluptuous mind.

you could rock me.

your fire

i see your fucking fire

i want to
hold your hand
as you pirouette
in the rain

i want to teach you things. i want to make you blush. i want to help you remember innocence, and what it’s like to come so hard that you forget your own name.


i see your fucking fire

my morning

there’s nothing quite like it. waking up on a cool autumn morning with a achingly hard cock, and knowing there’s a woman beside you with a warm, wet, willing mouth to devour it.

good morning susan!

in response to your question, i don’t really care if your husband will mind, I only care that he won’t be home until next tuesday.

that means we’re still on for monday, right?

this is not a dirty post

so, here’s a nice story. i was sitting in a bar tonight, enjoying a few locally made ales. there was a reasonably large group of us, twenty five or so friends and acquaintances. i got talking to a woman i’d not met before. she was quite engaging, but in a very innocent way. she was older than i am, i guess in her fifties, so not old enough to be my mother. the more i spoke with her, the more i genuinely enjoyed her company. we talked about many topics, and the conversation flowed freely. other friends joined and left our discussion as the evening passed, and before i realised it, we had been sitting together for well over an hour. i think i made a friend tonight. i had a really nice time. at a completely random point during a random topic of conversation, i suddenly started to imagine what it would be like to fuck this woman. and literally just at that moment, her hand rest on my thigh and she stopped talking.

(oh, i lied. this actually is a dirty post.)

“did you say, ‘i wonder what it would be like to fuck this woman?'”

“oh, sorry, did i say that out loud?”