the best cocksucker i ever knew was my high school girlfriend, kriston. she had long dyed hair, purple and red, and wore an iron maiden t-shirt. she learnt her skills from her previous boyfriend, who was 8 years older, and supplied us both with grass. my favourite memory of her is the time we laid naked on her parents bed. i pulled three bongs and she blew me three times. i never fucked her, and i never loved her, but we sure knew how to waste away a weekend.

3 thoughts on “maiden

  1. that reminds me of the first time a boyfriend asked me when I was going to go down on him. All I thought was “Ain’t nothing to it but to do it”. I proceeded to enjoy the hell out of him.

  2. The worst thing I did in HS was get a B+ in algebra – and I cried my eyes out. If someone would have pulled a bong out in front of me when I was that age I’d of thought it were a flower vase. I was too naive for my own good.

    I’ve made up for lost time, I’m a big girl now. Still never used a bong, though.

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