wife, in bed. her best friend, beside me on the sofa.
it’s raining.
she makes nervous small talk, and i pour
another glass of wine.
i shift in my seat, a little
she turns, a little
towards me
i catch her eye,
wandering, over me
her outstretched foot, brushes mine
i’ve lost track of what’s going on in this movie
as thoughts of
her is all, all, all, i can think about

i nervously scratch my chin, and
she nervously twirls her hair, and
i nervously bump her thigh, with mine, and
she nervously turns, and she nervously puts her hands on my chest, and she nervously puts her leg across my lap, and nervously reaches, reaches, reaches down, and she nervously
frees my
from my shorts, and she nervously pulls her panties aside, and she nervously slides, slides, slides herself down, down, down, and she nervously places her lips on mine and she says, shhhhhh, don’t tell and i won’t tell, and shhhhhh, be quiet but
fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,

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