wife, in bed. her best friend, beside me on the sofa.
it’s raining.
she makes nervous small talk, and i pour
another glass of wine.
i shift in my seat, a little
she turns, a little
towards me
i catch her eye,
wandering, over me
her outstretched foot, brushes mine
i’ve lost track of what’s going on in this movie
as thoughts of
her is all, all, all, i can think about

i nervously scratch my chin, and
she nervously twirls her hair, and
i nervously bump her thigh, with mine, and
she nervously turns, and she nervously puts her hands on my chest, and she nervously puts her leg across my lap, and nervously reaches, reaches, reaches down, and she nervously
frees my
from my shorts, and she nervously pulls her panties aside, and she nervously slides, slides, slides herself down, down, down, and she nervously places her lips on mine and she says, shhhhhh, don’t tell and i won’t tell, and shhhhhh, be quiet but
fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,

your voice

i close my eyes.
i can feel the memory of you, invading my senses.
i can smell your summer scent, freshly fucked sex and sweat.
i can see your face, and that smile you give just before you open your lips to me.
i can feel your touch, oh
, your touch, your
pulsing, rippling, milking touch and i open my eyes
and i pick up the phone, hoping to hear your voice tonight, i need it, i need you, i just need to hear your voice
one more time.

all bets

let’s begin.

wine, two glasses, crystal clear, expectation.

i like to keep the lights on, the music down, and the window open.

the first dance is my kiss across the back of your neck. the next, is with your hands back to my pressing hips.

sway with me.

you are in control, of me, and the night. you decide the pace, the place, the time.

but all bets are off once you unzip me. then, i’m an untamed lion, and you’ll get fucked with all the abandon that’s within me.

yours, then mine

her legs eventually gave way.

i had sat, patiently, watching her pleasure herself to what could only be described as two, stunningly beautiful orgasms. she now found herself in my lap, and i gave her permission to help herself.

the glaze in her eyes melted away when her hand finally freed my cock and it came into her view. i’ve never quite been inhaled like this before.

when my shaft passed into the back of her throat and she didn’t stop, i gripped her thick locks in my fists. i came, and i growled her name.


there are countless moments of my day where i’m distracted by thoughts of you.

i can’t get my head straight.

and there are the dreams, oh, the dreams i have of you. of us. doing amazing things.

last night, i dreamt of touching you. your cunt was slick and my fingers invaded, invaded, invaded you with a seemingly musical rhythm. this time, your husband was not watching us. i was mesmerised and intoxicated, and i woke up with the usual hard on, and the memory of the sound of your whimpering orgasm.

i rolled over and found respite here in my own bed. temporary respite – as I write this i’m hard again. come to me. please, come to me now.