diirrty santa

well, it’s not long until christmas and diirrty santa has just realised he doesn’t know what all of you naughty girls out there want stuffed in your stocking!

so, imagine you’re sitting on diirrty’s knee right now and we’re having our photo taken by my lovely assistant in the red corset and fuck-me pumps. you whisper in my ear what you really, really want for christmas….

what is it?

13 thoughts on “diirrty santa

  1. Dear d i i r r t y s a n t a,
    All I really want for Christmas this year is a unicorn. I can hardly wait to ride him under the tree on Christmas morning!

    Christmas Bisous,

  2. Super-hero running legs.

    My own petting zoo – with room for a llama and baby goats.

    A personal shopper at Nordstroms who would lead me to the secret stashes I KNOW they’re hiding from the common folk who must look for themselves.

    Real Fashion Police. Oh, come on, people! Paris Hilton? That alone is worth an arrest.

    A dog that comes with her own cleaning team to trail behind the “happy pee.”

    Someone to kill the cheese-grating madman who makes mincemeat of my ovaries. Hell, while it’s a fantasy list, a world without PMS would be nice.

    A hangover-free martini. Or five.

    To not have to use the term “international sales meeting” to cover my blogging addiction at work.

    An Ethiopian baby who runs faster than all the other babies. Or just runs, since that would be fairly impressive in a baby.

    That the bathroom across from my office would suddenly start smelling like roses instead of like…bathroom.

    Oh, and since this is a fantasy list – world peace, a never ending orgasm and a hot personal assistant would be nice too.

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