there were a good dozen of us at dinner. you know the scene, a group of friends and their partners celebrating the festive season at a chic little local restaurant. the wine and laughs were flowing, and plans were made for post-meal drinks at a nearby bar.

kate is a redhead, who i was only just getting to know. we chatted briefly over dinner, but more so as the evening drifted into morning, in what turned out to be a pretty cool little bar. mulled wine, locally made cider, and boutique beers gave this place an edge over other bars nearby.

kate told me a lovely story about how her fiancé proposed to her – it was traditionally romantic, but unique and personal at the same time.

hearing their story was unique and personal for me too, since her hand was on my thigh the entire time. ironically, her hand found my cock, just at the point in the story where he got down on one knee to propose.

kate got down on both knees after we left the bar. sweet sweet kate. yes, i’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve, too.

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