best and worst

i was married, once upon a time.
after about a year, we visited the town where i grew up.
we met up with my best friend from high school. we had lunch, and laughed about old times.
that night, as i lay quietly in our bed, i heard her masturbating next to me.

she tried to be quiet.
she didn’t want me to know.
she was thinking of him.

i put my hand on hers, and confronted her about it.
she denied it.

i confronted her again.
she didn’t deny it.

my cock was harder than ever.
i fucked her, harder than ever.

all these years later, i still can’t decide,
if that was the best, or worst, sex i’ve ever had in my life.

17 thoughts on “best and worst

      • I’d love to but I’m currently on strike from…masturbating…groping…kissing….licking..fucking…fucking…touching…and it’s quite maddening…I might add. I can barely read through the blogs I’ve come to love and adore…without breaking. Last night…I was so close to slipping it was crazy….but haven’t had anything to do with sex since Thanksgiving. 😦

      • I didn’t think it was possible…I absolutely love…adore fucking. But then I had something incredible…sexy as fuck… amazing. That ended. I’ll settle for nothing less …now that I know just what amazing can be.

      • Oh how I’d looove to say yes…but no way. I’d rather have some seriously great…delicious…taking my breath away fucking once a week …than the so so five times a week. I know sounds crazy right.

  1. uumm.. yeah i cant help but feel a little sad for you, but i think it was the best of the worst. And i would have had no respect for her as well.. Little does she know while she is busy fantasizing about him she is missing out on you ( who writes the dirrrrrrrrrtiest of lines) 🙂

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