She stands before me, willing but nervous. She has innocent puppy eyes but wears a glint that I can’t describe as anything else but mischievous. She’s the perfect contradiction, and she makes me hard. I sit, and we begin.

“Stay standing, and unzip your skirt.”

She is trembling slightly, but does as she is told. Her movement is awkward.

“Let it drop to the floor but leave your panties and heels on. I don’t want you naked yet.”

I put one of my legs over the arm of the chair, and rub my cock through my jeans. She looks down.

“Don’t look at my cock. Look at my eyes. Look into my eyes, my dear.”

She bites her lip and looks back up at me. I smile approval.

“Good girl. Now, I want you to keep looking into my eyes while you put your hand inside your panties. I want to see you looking at me when your fingers first find your dripping cunt.”

She starts to say something, but I interrupt her.

“No talking my dear. The only word I want to hear coming from your mouth is my name when you come. Now, do as I say. Start.”

Her hand is flat on her stomach. Her other hand presses her tiny breasts, still covered by the blouse she wore to the office.

“Start, my dear. Your lunch break will be over soon.”

Her hand slides down to her panties, now wet and transparent. Her slender fingers slip under the elastic of her panties, and her eyes are locked on mine. Just as I asked.

“That’s my good girl. Show me how you like to touch yourself.”

Her hand pushes down further. She flinches slightly as her fingers first brush over her clit. But the moment I will remember most, the moment I will play over and over in my mind again and again, is the connected look and lust in her eyes as her fingers slip inside her cunt for the first time. I can see her wanting me. I can see she wanting me to fuck her. And it isn’t long before I hear her say,

Baise-moi Diirrty, baise-moi!

12 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. ““Don’t look at my cock. Look at my eyes. Look into my eyes, my dear.””

    I would think that would be quite a challenge to do.

    So? Did you? Avez-vous la baiser?

    Nice ending.

  2. Is it any small wonder this is the moment etched on your mind, replayed over and again?

    An intensely sexy and evocative piece that leaves me very thankful for finding you as well.

    One last thing… Hello.

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