i’m not racist, or sexist, but i want to tell you about a sa-sa-sa-weet little chinese/ japanese/ siamese/ fusion girl i’m kinda lusting over.

her name is Jess, and i want to fuck her.

contrary to my old fashioned ways, i don’t want to play nice. i want to fuck her and fuck her hard.

Jess is small, thin, and has perky little nipples.

i want to wrap those skinny little legs of hers around my back, and fuck her until she breaks.
i want to feel her tight little cunt stretch around me.
i want bruises where her hips have smashed into mine.
i want her to walk to her cab with a bow-legged swagger, the likes of which she’s never had before.

ok, ok, maybe when she comes back for more, i’ll kiss her and tell her she’s pretty.
truly, i am old fashioned like that.


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