Take me away

Here I am, once again, at an airport. Once again, loving the buzz of travel. Strangers, air hostesses, and adventure. Witnessing lovers reuniting. Dreaming a fantasy about the Malaysian hostess serving me a single malt. Catching a glimpse of the busty British blonde three rows in front trying to masturbate under her blanket without being noticed. I love this scene. Take me away.


your past loves leave gaping wounds in your flesh. once healed they are torn open time and time again by soulless boys who dance from cunt to cunt.

come here. i can heal you. i’ve named my cock “hope” and it will be your fucking savior.


come, my queen, let’s fuck!

lay your silken hair across my bed,
place your silken mouth on my mine,
and wrap your silken glove
around my hardened cock

it will be a carnal festival!

a feast of pleasures, tricks,
treats and treasures,
and virgin maidens,
submitting to serve, and bleed

it will be a fucking carnival, my queen.

come, bring your friends, and let’s all fuck and fuck and fuck

and fuck


the difference between what i do, and art,
is the recognition of pretence,
arrogance, and
horn-rimmed spectacles.

now, claire, (with the flick-flaming hair)
come here so i can fuck you,
then write to tell the tale.

you can take a picture of my wet cock
when we’re done,
if you want to.

you’re not pretentious,
or arrogant,
but i like your spectacles.

Cock Auction

I am in possession of a very sought after prize, that I am quite willing for the sake of “charity”, to offer for auction.

The reader who puts in the diirrtiest bid wins the prize!

And what is the prize?

It’s a video of me rubbing chocolate syrup on my hard cock!

So, put in your bid! The winner takes the spoils! The auction closes one week from today!

Open wide

Just there.
I want your hands to trail from my hips and stop, just at that place, where my abs and thighs meet.
Just there.
Yes, now keep your hands there.
Right there.
Hold on.
Keep your hands right there and allow my cock to part your lips.
Open your mouth.
Open up.
Open wide.
I’m coming inside.

When you feel my hand on the back of your head, push back a little.
When you feel my cock press down on your tongue, push back a little.
When you feel me at your throat, push back a little.
That’s it, push back a little.
Push back a little.
Can you push back a little more?
A little harder?
When you think you can’t breathe, push harder.
When you’re fighting for air, push and push and fight a little more, and more, and fucking feel my shaft in your throat. Fuck, fuck, fucking your throat. Open wide, open wide, open fucking wide, I’m coming inside.
I’m coming inside.
I’m coming inside.
Oh my fucking god, I’m
coming inside.