Twelve feet under

So I watched this episode of Six Feet Under, right, the one where Nate wasn’t getting fucked by his hippie wife so he pulled his car over to the side of the road on his way home one day and jerked off. Well, I thought, “Nate, you fuckin’ loser. Why would you jerk off in your car?”

Many years later, I was driving along a dark country road in the middle of the night and I’d just been sexting someone and I thought, “fuck it, I’ll stop and do a Nate.”

So I pulled over, switched off the engine, undid my jeans and started to jerk off. Then I thought I should video it and email it to my lover. So I turned on the interior light and did just that.

FYI, come can be wiped off leather very easily.

9 thoughts on “Twelve feet under

  1. An excellent variation, and far more exciting! I like the way your mind works… and do you still have a copy of that video?!

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