Chatting with Amy

While chatting with a friend the other day, something unexpected and, well, very very fun started to unfold.
Let’s call my friend “Amy” and her husband “Jesse”. Amy is a friend, and let’s just not assume any other details than that. Here’s a transcript of our chat…
Amy: Jesse just crawled under my desk
me: open your legs
Amy: i did
me: put his head between
Amy: he’s licking me right now
  right fucking now
me: fuck off!
Amy: no
  i’m serious
me: jesus
Amy: omg
  this is crazy
me: yes!!!
Amy: omg
me: i am there
Amy: hahahha
me: its me
Amy: well, this is the funnest thing ever
me: awesome
  i am so hard!
Amy: omg
 sucking my clit
me: omg
  take a fucking picture!
Amy: i just took off my panties
me: take a picture of YOUR FACE!
Amy: omg
me: omg you should open a photo of me now
Amy: i took a pic
me: oh yes!
  fuck me
  this is fucking amazing
  omg Amy
Amy: hang on
me: k
 omg i am so going to post this to diirrty
Amy: you are?
  not the pic, right?
me: the text lol
Amy: lol, k
me: 🙂
Amy: pic coming.
me: awesome 🙂
Amy: (don’t judge his baldness. he’s really self conscious about it.)
me: ok!
  are you done? or still going?
Amy: done. i shooed him away.
me: hehe ok
Amy: breathe
me: hehe
Amy: sent
me: 😀
  did he know you took it?
Amy: yes
  i just emailed it to him, too
me: hehe
  you’re naughty

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