vanilla exception

my sex life is littered
with vanilla
english brunette girls
who fuck like
my love depends on it

the next
english brunette girl
i have my cock’s eye on
is engaged to be married
to a doctor

she told me that she likes
to get fucked
by other guys, backstage at concerts
and tell the dr about it
(via facebook messenger)

she’s not so vanilla
, i guess
but i’ll make an exception
this once

His whim

…. awaken ….

Muffled sounds,
a hum, perhaps, a shower?
and footsteps. Laughter.
Three voices.
that smell, soap,
and, leather?
A deeper voice. Closer.
Fuck, that’s cold! Ice!
Laughter. Sweet and light. Dark and moody.
Holy crap, that was hard.
but arousing. Body, don’t betray me.
Not now.
Another voice,
I smell, musk?
No! Not again! Please!
Please, please diirrty, not him, please diirrty, no, not him this time,
not again, pleeeease diirrty, plea-

…. black ….

doin’ it for herself

I woke to the feeling of her soft lips wrapped around my shaft.

“I thought I kicked you out last night,” I said, pulling the sheet back from her head.

Sliding her mouth from my cock, she looked up at me with a grin, and replied.

“No, that was my sister, silly.”

Then, as I smiled back at her, my sister-in-law got back to what she’d started.

The fifth floor

Her hair was just long enough to wrap twice around my wrist. When I pulled her head back, she reached between her legs to help guide me into her cunt.

Her body, and now her mind, betrayed her husband as she called out my name.

For the second time in two days, my cock was buried inside someone else’s wife, and both of them lived on the fifth floor.

“Welcome to the neighborhood,” they had said. “Would you like to come inside?”

Why thank you, I don’t mind if I do.


Fuck, I swear that the hostess at the gate lounge just turned her chair towards me and flashed me her knickers.
This might be an interesting flight after all.
Her name is Rebecca.
Hello Rebecca, I like your scarf.

Twelve feet under

So I watched this episode of Six Feet Under, right, the one where Nate wasn’t getting fucked by his hippie wife so he pulled his car over to the side of the road on his way home one day and jerked off. Well, I thought, “Nate, you fuckin’ loser. Why would you jerk off in your car?”

Many years later, I was driving along a dark country road in the middle of the night and I’d just been sexting someone and I thought, “fuck it, I’ll stop and do a Nate.”

So I pulled over, switched off the engine, undid my jeans and started to jerk off. Then I thought I should video it and email it to my lover. So I turned on the interior light and did just that.

FYI, come can be wiped off leather very easily.

What you know

You smile with anticipation.
Even with your blindfold on, you think you know what’s going to happen next.
You know my voice.
You know my smell.
You know what I like.
Even with your hands bound, you think you are in control.

When my cock slides into her cunt, and you hear her moan my name, your smile dissolves.

You strain at your bindings and arch your back.
Your head tosses from side to side.
The sound of our fucking fills the room and torments your mind.

You realize that you don’t know what’s going to happen next.
You don’t know her voice.
You don’t know her smell.
You don’t know what I like.
You realize that I am in control.