soccer mom

why “soccer mom’s?”

why do mom’s of kids who play soccer get all the action? why not milfs of kids who play tennis, or basketball? in fact, why does it need to be a sport? i know a mom who’s kids take dance lessons, and i’d drill her post-birth pussy any day of the week. especially on a school night. and what about the dads? surely some of you ladies have a soccer dad fantasy, or at least, know of some dilfs.

maybe it’s a volvo station wagon thing.

8 thoughts on “soccer mom

  1. I know a dilf or 2 for sure, 1 is a soccer and basketball coach, the other is just a pretty cool guy who happens to also be a hot dad. A really really hot dad…I think I will fall asleep thinking of him. Thanks!

  2. Lol. Why yes, I know a cute dad or two. They hadn’t ranked high in my mental ruminations, but you got me thinking now. 😉

  3. There’s this gentleman whom I see probably five days out of the week that lost his wife of 20+ years recently. It seemed as though he was a little down and I wanted to cheer him up. So I’d chatted with him a minute and was trying to think of a way to lift his spirits and humor seems to work most of the time. Sooo I gave him a once over… and said…my my my….aren’t we looking dashing today mizzter Dilf. Looking at me curiously…he said “mister dilf…huh… what’s that?”I said …”Oh come now…its a man milf.” His face lit up like no other…and I received a waggle of his brows in appreciation….with a “why if I didn’t know any better Isabella I’d think you were hitting on me” to which I shook my head and chuckled…as he let out a good laugh himself. ” By no means was he a dilf but I loved making him feel good and hear his laughter.

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