morning love

sunlight peeks through the curtain, and my waking eyes catch it’s spleandour. never before have i welcomed the morning as much as this morning. waking up beside you for the first time is like waking from a dream that doesn’t end. your naked skin is a beautiful blaze, only partly covered by the sheets that wrap us together. you’d spent the entire night in my arms, breathing on my neck as your gently rising chest caressed your breast against mine as you slept.

i recalled the evening as i watched you sleep a little longer.
our electric first touch as i took your hand in mine.
hearing your voice say my name.
tasting your lips mingled with red wine.
the way you giggled when i tickled your thigh.
had we made love four or five times? i really don’t recall.

now, as you stir, i gently brush your tussled hair from your face, and your eyes smile up at me. in silence, we share a beautiful, dare i say it, loving moment. my heart sighs and i forget to breathe. you put your hands on my shoulders to pull yourself up, so that your lips may find mine. you kiss me. you are warm, and my hands hold your waist. you playfully brush your nose across mine, and caress my cheek with your hand.

i break the silence. “good morning baby.”

“good morning yourself sexy. now, make it even better by fucking me with that magnificent cock of yours.”

i am only a gentleman, so i have to oblige…

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