her fantasy, part one

As my cock slid inside you for the first time, all of my nervousness fell away. You told me he wanted this, just as much as you did, but the look on his face when I was finally inside you, told me more than any words could.

As you started to push your hips back against my thrusts, he shifted in his chair and unbuttoned his jeans. You told me he might join in, or he might just sit and masturbate. I was about to find out it was the latter.

How we got to this point in our relationship was complicated. Our friendship was complicated. How we ended up in this bed however, on this night, with him in the room, was not complicated at all. It came about when I asked you about a dirty fantasy. I asked you, “tell me about a fantasy you have that is so dirty, that you don’t think you could ever go through with it.” You replied quickly, and simply.

“Fuck me with my husband.”

7 thoughts on “her fantasy, part one

  1. Mmmm….think I said those words a couple months ago while my arms graced an incredibly sexy mans neck while we danced…as my husband watched ……from the side lines.

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