a dedication

she told me,
to kneel over her face, so she could suck the tip of my cock
until i was close to the edge

(and she did, i was close)

she told me,
to pull back, so she could stroke me and have me
come on her fingers

(and i did, as she wished)

she told me,
that she wanted to rub my come over into her cunt
to make herself come that way.

(and she did, oh, she sure did)

it was one of the most erotic mind games i’ve ever played.
she loved the word cunt, and i loved her,
for a thousand reasons in a thousand ways.
hello, this is your dedication.

15 thoughts on “a dedication

  1. What is it about the word cunt? So many women are afraid to use it. I relish it. Think it’s a great word. Nice dedication to a wonderful woman who uses a great word.

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