the eyes have it

speaking of honesty, what could be more honest than trusting what you see before your very eyes? my eyes not only enable me to see, but they enable me to believe. (i’m free writing here, so let it flow).

this is what i’m thinking about today. eyes. why do i love a good fucking while looking you in the eyes? why do i come harder, and shiver longer when i see you looking at me? honesty is a turn on, and i know your eyes see the truth in me. you may bite your lip and call out my name, but your eyes smile, and that’s the truth i know.

esoteric ramble over. back to normal programming.

11 thoughts on “the eyes have it

  1. The eyes have no choice but to be honest. When in the throes of a passion that intense, looking deep into someone’s eyes will reveal a lot. I think its extremely intimate as well.

  2. I was just texting someone earlier about this very thing..looking into anothers eyes during a particular sexual act ….mmm…so telling….erotic. My my…such coincidence.

  3. I think Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder. Not everyone has eyes that see… as you seem to. You must have eyes that see so when its reflected back at you – the experience is greater – magnified.. no?. It has been my horrible realization that a LOT of people don’t have that certain vision. I thought everyone had an inkling of it. I am wrong…..allegedly. ( 3rd glass of wine now but I am clear on this fact. Its actually very sad to me. ) Keep Seeing Diirrty. J

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