the innocent, part 1

i don’t know, i guess she was a good ten years younger than i was. i guess she still is. she’d say she was inexperienced at the time. i’d say she was ripe.

when i put her in my car
, she told me that she doesn’t normally
drink that much

when i led her to my bedroom
, she said that her friends might wonder
where she was

when i took off her glasses
, she said that she had a boyfriend
back at home

when i unbuttoned her blouse
, she told me that she’d never done this
type of thing before

when i sat her on the end of the bed
, she told me that
she wasn’t sure

when i unzipped my jeans and showed her my cock
, she stopped talking
and opened her thighs

15 thoughts on “the innocent, part 1

    • Oh, now a good tease is something I love. Of course, when the situation demands it, I love to get right to the point also. Glad you’re enjoying it Isabella. 🙂

  1. Sexy post, well done. It perfectly captures the efforts of a drunk girl who is trying to reason with herself. Been theeeere. Just kidding. Kind of.

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