what’s coming up next

The next dozen or so posts were all drafted on a flight between Sydney and Brisbane. I write well on a plane for some reason. I also had a pen and note book; I write better when I actually write. I scribble and jot and generally throw words on a page.

Flying is something I love, and I always get diirrty thoughts. It happens without fail, along with getting a haircut. Weird? I guess it is.

I thought a bit tonight, about why I get all sexy on a plane, or while getting a haircut (something I also did this weekend). Mmmmmm Hostesses and Hairdressers. I think it’s the fact I’m in a chair, and there’s no getting out of there until she’s done with me. What a pleasant thought.

Anyway, time to get started and polish the first “flight” piece. I should note, just like everything I write, some are 100% real, some 100% fiction, amd some in between. Good luck trying to work out which is which. What you can be sure of however, is that the emotion is 100% real.


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