she smiled back at me

on the stupid
o’clock flight from Brisbane to
Sydney, I had no-one beside me
to squeeze my thigh and tease
my cock with a finger-
nail across my denim.

instead, there was a fat
cunt of a man, smelly
and unshaven, wearing a neck
brace and snoring, loudly.

the hostess that brought me breakfast
was skinny and stuck-up, and i thought
if i slapped her ass while
i fucked her, she might break in two.

the hostess that poured my tea
however, looked like Mia Freedman,
and while i’ve never had a thing
for Mia Freedman, the thought
of this hostess sucking my cock
in the room with the name
‘mile high club’ implied
on the door, made me hard.

when she cleared my tray,
i smiled at her with thoughts
of her tongue licking my
come from her lips, and she
smiled back at me.

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