the third time

The third time we fucked, I took her from behind. She was on her right side, with her ass pressed back against me. Her left leg was in the air, giving my hand perfect access.

I fucked her with abandon. My hand alternated between grabbing her hip, slapping her ass, and rubbing her clit.

Her guttoral moan, followed by an exclamative cry of “oh, fuuck!” told me she was coming harder than she had in a long time.

When I rolled her onto her back, and looked her in the eye, she was aglow. With an honest and expressive joy, she told me what I wanted to hear.

“Oh my God, that was fucking incredible!”

I smiled, and kissed her lips.

“Yes, it was.”

5 thoughts on “the third time

  1. I always try reading your posts like three times to see if they produce the same effect at different times of day. It’s not a very scientific study but so far….every time, any time, it’s SO nice. Thanks Dirrty you!


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