Stranger, part 2

Rachel boldly stepped forwards, coming out from behind the cover between her and the man she had spent the last two nights dreaming about.

He did not stop what he was doing, nor did he turn around, but she knew he had heard her. She sensed it in him. What happened next startled her, as it was something she could not have expected.

“Are you Rachel?”

He stood, but kept his back to her. Rachel froze. He turned his head, slightly.

“Are you? Are you…. Rachel?”

He turned, and she finally saw it. His eyes were emeralds. She could not look away. She could not speak. She could not move. She could not think. Rachel was simply stunned.

He moved towards her. When he did, Rachel could actually feel him moving towards her. It was like she could feel his ‘space’ coming together with hers.

He reached her just as she thought she might be able to speak. Just as she parted her lips to answer, “Yes, I am Rachel” his finger reached out to touch her lips.

“I know Rachel. I dreamt about this too.”

He trailed the back of his hand across her cheek and tucked Rachel’s hair behind her ear.

As he pressed her back against a tree, Rachel felt his rough fingers under her skirt.

And then, as he kissed her neck, her senses filled with the smell of an open fire in his hair.

Was this too a dream? When his knee pushed her thighs apart, Rachel still wasn’t certain. It wasn’t until his emerald eyes locked onto hers, and he entered her, that she knew for sure.

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