Stranger, part 1

From her vantage point, Rachel could see him more clearly this time. He was cooking over an open fire, which now shed more light on his bare chest than the fading light did. Just like the past three days, he was alone, and there were no signs that anyone else was with him in this secluded part of the forest.

She was lost in watching him.

Who was he? Why was he here? And what was it about this stranger that kept Rachel coming back to hike the same mountain trail, day after day?

During the past two nights, Rachel had awoken from the most erotic dreams. This man, this sexy, shirtless, all-alone-in-the-forest man had invaded her dreams to such an extent, that Rachel would wake up with her fingers already invading her sex. She awoke while touching herself the same way the stranger did in her dreams.

She’d felt nothing like it before.

She dreamt of the back of his hand across her cheek as her tucked her hair behind her ear. She dreamt of his rough fingers under her skirt, as he pressed her back against a tree. Rachel even dreamt of the smell of the open fire in his hair, as he kissed her neck.

Rachel wanted to find out more about this intoxicating man. No, she didn’t just want to, she needed to.

5 thoughts on “Stranger, part 1

  1. That picture… I stared at it for a long while before I read the story. Delicious.

    I’m just as curious about this stranger as Rachel. I’m hoping there’s more in that case.

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