your kiss lingers on my
your teeth bite into my
your eyes lock onto my
your hair trails along my
your fingers walk over my
your cunt grips around my
your lips quiver against my
your nails scrape across my
your hands wrap around my
your breasts press against my
your love surrounds (all of me)


when you confessed to whispering my name when you came last night, i was stunned into silence. i wondered if you also felt my arms wrap around you as your head rested on his chest and you settled off to sleep. all day i’ve been confused about what to do next. knowing that you saw my eyes as he fucked you was bitter sweet knowledge indeed. i’ve imagined how your skin would feel in my hands, and whether you’d shiver from my kiss. for now we wonder, together alone.

please Sophie, the next time you touch yourself, call me. i want to listen.

morning squire

i dreamt
of swallowed oceans,
slamming bondi beach to chicago
streets, where we’d

what does chance taste like?

i bet you’d take some
missing, love
r, would you?

we so should

dancing tongue on
princess delight, would i
(if only could i)

you’ve released me, you know

(i think/know), yes,
i already know
that it will be a
fuck of my many
life times

you’re a please-please-come-true dream

Once upon a now

I’d never before heard my name spoken with such a purr. So I asked myself, what if there were no mountains? I felt your vixen smile lay a shine on mine. Then you asked me, what if there was no sea?

Intrigue is my favourite prelude to desire.

Rare is that fascination that takes me to a place where no reservation is required. So I asked myself, what if you set yourself to climb? I heard you whisper, and bite my lip. Then you asked me, what if there was no sunset and no sunrise?

Once again, all I have left, is to be speechless.