I sit across from Leanne at dinner, and wonder what her cunt tastes like.

I top up her glass, and my own. She’s radiant and enthusiastic, ranting and raving about some shit. Her work, her friends, her fucking hair; I don’t remember really. I smile and nod. I’m so fucking polite. I laugh at her jokes and complement her taste in clothes.

Jesus, she’s so ripe. I’m gonna suck her and wipe her dripping juices from my chin.

I ask if she wants dessert. “Cioccolato affogato?”
She licks her lips. “Yes please, Sir.”

so this is love

I looked across the table at Amy and poured her another glass of Merlot. The meal was perfect, the service impeccable. We couldn’t have asked for a better first night. Amy took her glass, smiled me a nervous smile, and drank a little more. She wanted to brave, knowing what was next.

“You’re nervous Amy.”

“Yes Noah, aren’t you?”

“Of course, but I’m also very excited. I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

Amy cocked her head to one side and looked at me with those bright blue eyes. “Me too Noah, I’ve dreamt of this moment.”

My heart fluttered. I don’t remember how long we sat there, simply gazing into each other’s eyes. We’d avert our eyes for a moment, bashfully, only to return with a coy smile. She was a picture of beauty and a feast for my eyes. Words were not spoken for some time, our silence was well enough understood. And without speaking, we both stood, knowing it was time to leave. It was time.

I don’t remember the cab ride back to the hotel.
I don’t remember the concierge greeting us as we walked to the elevator.
I don’t remember the walk down the hallway to our room.

I remember her scent as I kissed her neck, and slid her dress from her shoulders.
I remember the taste of wine on her lips, and the warmth of her tongue.
I remember her sigh as my hand slid up her thigh.
I remember her laugh when I fumbled with her bra.
I remember her soft hands on my bare chest.
I remember the coolness of the sheets as I lay her down.
I remember her biting my lip as I entered her for the first time.
I remember her call my name.
I remember my heart pounding.
I remember her back arching.
I remember my fire.

Most of all, I remember our embrace. Tangled in sheets and each others arms, we breathed in time, in tune. And I remember what I thought as we fell asleep.

“So this is love.”


I want this to be more.

I release your hips but reach for your hand, and lead you carefully to my bed.  Kissing you, I guide you down onto your back and you feel the heat from me, directing your body.  Your legs spring up and open for me, and I rest my body onto yours, letting you feel my weight.  I kiss you, your lips are moist and firm.  Your breath is slow and deep.  You feel me, hard, between your legs.

This is a beautiful moment.

My cock rests, ready, right at your opening.  Lips parted on each side of my head, inviting.  I take your arms in my hands and slowly raise them above your head.  Softly kissing you, nibbling, I bite your upper lip gently on the left side.  You turn your head slightly, and my tongue plays with your lips.  I press gently, my cock moves into you just a few millimeters.

We exhale, together.

I kiss your cheek and your closed eyes.  I hold your hands above your head with one hand, while my other runs down your arm and down your side.  It meets the curve of your ass and raised thigh, and I squeeze your ass, my fingers probe around to where my cock is just inside you.  My fingers trail along your folds to your ass, and I lightly brush you there, and I kiss you on the mouth, with a firm but gentle passion.  I speak to you, with a simple, forthright tone.

“Sara. This is the night I make love to you. You are my love, and I give myself to you.”

Your fingers curl around mine and I push forward a little more, but still, only an inch of my cock is in you.  Your hips squirm beneath me, my full weight still pressing you to the bed.  My other hand now is at your side, and teasingly brushes your breast.  Our tongues meet again as we kiss.  My fingers find your nipple and I twist gently, and slide another half an inch into you.  You exhale heavily and open your eyes, locking onto mine.

“Yes Luca, make love to me, love of my life”.

I kiss you more and bite you with with my lips, soft yet passionate.  I release your nipple, and your arms and I raise myself off your body, and I’m over you.  Your feet wrap over my ass, and we stare into each others eyes, knowingly.  And as if on cue, I thrust forward, slowly, strong and steady, my cock sinks into you fully, and your wet cunt accommodates me, like a silken glove, made just for me.

Your eyes tell me yes.

We both gasp in pleasure, your hands are around my neck, drawing me back down to kiss you, and our lips meet as though we’d never kissed before.  We kiss with passion, energy and love, but gently.  I start to fuck you, my cock slides easily out and back into you.  You contract around me, and our love is perfection.  Two bodies and minds as one. Everything is in harmony, hips thrust with hips, lips with lips, breath with breath.  We are truly making love, creating a new love.  Taking ours to the next level, a place we’ve never been.  This is the moment I’ve lived for.

I love you like no other Sara.  Truly, madly, deeply.