leave me, alone

i’m black or white
when it comes to how
i imagine your silence
, manifesting voices inside
your mind.

are you tired of me? or tired
from the energy it
takes to hide your
love from me
and your husband and

either way, that voice
says “leave me

i hear it, but i don’t
know how
to listen, my love. i don’t
know how to miss
missing you, my love.

i don’t know how to
un-muse you.


this wine has developed quite beautifully with age.

the same cannot be said for my kink. all that’s fine about it is the line it treads with depravity.

pour me another fucking glass, before we decide who will cry, while watching the other masturbate.


flip flop fuck(ed up)

we hadn’t fucked for about a week, so i wasn’t going to let a not-in-the-mood inducing day be an excuse to extend the run another night. besides, we were both freshly shaved and it would be a shame to waste all of that smooth skin.

she gripped my neck as i entered her.

i gripped her wrists and held her down.

she gripped my shaft with her rippling rippler.

the image of your face (my muse, my muse, oh, my muse) gripped my senses
, and took me to the edge

but, it was
the image of the face of the young blonde from the office that smiled at me today that
, blew my fucking mind.

happy (fucking) new year, Dawn

he was drunk, on red wine
but she was drunker, on him

he never had any inhibitions
but hers were stripped away by the sound of his voice in her ear


his hands left her hips as he took a step back to watch her


her fingers fumbled
but found the zip
to allow her dress
to slip and fall
to the floor

shaking, with equal amounts
of doubt and lust,
she boldly looked up
into his eyes, and dared him to


pleased, he placed his hand on his belt
and with a coy smile, replied

as you wish

ho ho ho

too much wine. too many parties. not quite too much flirting. almost too much fucking brandy infused edibles. never too much of anything regrettable. kate, for example. my christmas diirrtyness. she lives my christmas spirit. she keeps on giving, giving, but likes the taking too. i should be honest. she fucking loves the taking. merry christmas.

masturbate, to diirrty

think of me, and wryly smile
recline, with dampened thighs, expected sighs, clos’ed eyes
and think, think, think of me
and mine

say my name, shout my name, whisper, yell, and scream my name
shake, quake, shiver, and quiver
with escap’ed breath across you lips whispering my name

fucking do it! fuck your cunt! with
fingers deep, and fingers flicking
thrust and thrust and thrust and buck!
think of me, my name, my cock, then

and say my name, in vain

morality, recycled

my ears are sore from the squealing
mouths of sequinned disco sluts that swarm around
my saturday nights

my cock is tired of the stone cold, cocaine trashed mascara faced whores
that stain my carpet, again

my mind is wiped of morality
i’ll do it all again
next week