my favourite person

she became my friend

she liked my jokes, my secret plans, and my being presidential

she told me i was her favourite person, innocently

i made a mistake by saying that maybe she shouldn’t say that

she doesn’t send me messages any more about her new bike, her university assignment, or the name of her new vibrator

now, she has a new boyfriend

i want my not-really-so-innocent friend back

(she did tell me that) she is a little bit nervous but is happy with what i want

i want to tell her that what i want is to

feel her legswrappedaroundmywaist and feel her cuntspasmonmycock and feel my shiverandshakedeepinside her

i might tell her all that the next time i meet her (and her new boyfriend) for coffee

she knows

that i will be back. she told me so. i won’t and don’t deserve

her time but on chance

i might catch her

with her head swirling, wined, and

with her heart, nostalgic

and then there’s always a time to sit back with a beer in one hand, the back of her head in the other, and the crimson (wine, lipstick, desire) smearrrred long along –

my lover knows that she’ll be back

now i know

she said,

‘can i tell you a secret?’

(she was drunk, and with it, honest and brave)

as she put her arms around me, and rest her head against my chest, she whispered,

‘i’m in love with another man’

her confession surprised (but pleased) me, and i asked,

“does he know?”

‘my husband? no. the other man? he’s just about to’

her weight shifted

her head slid to my lap

her hand gripped my thigh

(oh yes, now i know)


i wish i had

known you when you

were twenty


(when you knew how, but didn’t know any


for my lips to taste your skin, and

for my mind to taste your

, character.

perhaps when we’re fifty, we can meet, kiss, laugh, fuck, dream, and cry twice-

in the twice windy city.

star rise

why is the focus 

always on the fucking sun


sure, it’s beautiful and such but that’s the moment that the stars


out to sexify my sight

(like doe eyes in my light)
it’s not a fucking sunset to me, but rather

a star rise


Diamonds. Beers by a beach camp-fire. Stories from our youth. The first time for anything. Languid sex on a stormy night. Making a new friend. Airline stewardesses. Wine gluttony. The fucking best coffee you ever tasted, the perfect aroma, texture, temperature and mouth feel fuck yes. Anything that fills your cup, your senses and makes you fucking cry with joy. The sight of seeing your child born. A first kiss, quickly followed by a first fuck. That moment, you know, of that first “touch” of sin on sin. That glance and smile across the crowded room that leads to whatever you want it to. The way she plays with her hair and the way he leans in to you. A sunrise with promise. A sunset with no regrets. Life, well lived, loved, and with dancing.

lunch date

we hadn’t met for lunch for several months due to a minor falling out, and i’d missed the easy connected conversation that we’d always shared. today, it was the same. i shared the latest news on my business and travel plans, and she shared news on her house renovation, family, and her upcoming wedding. despite technically still being engaged, i love how she and her partner have always referred to each other as their “wife”. true love and commitment, you know?

conversation turned to our most recent falling out however, and i tried to laugh it off, “it’s like when a boy likes a girl but doesn’t know how to express it. he’ll make fun of her and tease her instead. you know i dig you!”

i continued, jokingly, “and you know that secretly the main reason i like hanging out with you is so that one day i’ll turn you. my secret fantasy is to fuck you, jess.” 

did i actually just say that? 

fortunately jess picked up on the joke, “oh really! well, if i ever felt inclined to fuck a man again, it would definitely be you!”



“do you want to know how i fantasise about it?” i said, playing along further.

“oh yes, sure! tell me how your diirrty man-mind works, haha.”

i reached across the table and placed my hand to her cheek, my fingers lightly to the side of her neck. “well, i’d start by telling you that you’re beautiful, desirable, and you excite me.” she was taken aback a little, shocked that i touched her, but she did not draw away.

i moved my thumb gently across her face and ran it across her bottom lip, “you know that, don’t you jess? you’re beautiful and desirable, and any man or woman would be lucky to kiss these lips”.

jess tilted her head slightly, shifted in her seat, and smiled. just a little. i continued, and placed my other hand on the inside of her knee.

“we have more than a friendship. we have a connectedness in lust. i feel it. i feel you, and i want you.”

my hand slid a little up her thigh, and she shifted further towards me. her breath sharpened, and she took a confident posture.”

“tell me more,” she insistent. it was almost a demand, but also a plea.

the nature of where we were seated allowed me to tell her more… and show her more. i slid my hand further along her thigh, under her dress, and my fingers felt the heat and wetness that was now oozing onto panties. i leaned closer, looked her in the eyes, and said,

“i can smell your anticipation, and it’s as sweet as your cunt”

with that, her whole posture gave way. her eyes glossed over, and her body was limp. Her legs opened, and my fingers gently brushed her wetness. to her credit, she never broke eye contact. we remained, connected.

she suddenly stood, took my hand in hers, and motioned to the door.

“come with me. come with me, now.”