the sky is imagined


it would be easy to deny the unwritten, unspoken, unexpected desire that dances across the sky between us. too easy, in fact.

ultimately, it won’t be a matter of when, how, or where this denial will disappear, but only a matter of which one of us will make it so.

then, that same sky won’t be the limit to our being, just a place to start.

(writing for you like this, writing of love and foreverness, makes my cock hard. i want to fuck your body, and your innocence)



on the most unexpected night,
i will come for you.

the sweetness of my storm fills your lungs, and my rushing, tempest gale flips your world around.

on this anticipated night,
i will come for you.

the crack of my thunder, the roar of my fury, the flash in your night, i am coming,
coming, coming for you.

and no seven nation army even saw me coming, let alone,
could fucking hold me back.


by the time I woke, you had already showered and made yourself comfortable on the balcony hammock. the cool morning breeze gently rocking you from side to side, and that same breeze called me to the open door to join you. you wore the same delicate black lingerie you wore last night, and the same white business shirt that i wore.

as i approached, i realised that it wasn’t the breeze rocking the hammock from side to side. with one hand holding a book, and the other beneath the lace of your panties, your body began to arch.

i was spellbound.

realising that i now stood behind you, you turned your head, but didn’t stop.

“oh good, i’m glad you’re awake. i want you to watch me come.”


so, i messaged a friend on my way to work, asking if she’d like to catch up soon for lunch.  she replied that she’d been “thinking” about me, and “what are you doing for lunch today?”


so, we arrange where and when. we’re all set. 

with a smile, embrace, and kiss on the cheek, we start to get caught up. she talks about her holidays, her wife and kid, and what projects she’s working on. she asks about mine. 

we are kindred spirits, actually. we formed an instant connection when we met. i always seem to connect with ladies who prefer ladies. we are always honest with each other, and today was no different. she tells me how sex with her wife has improved, and how she had become jealous of a friendship her wife had formed with another lady – also a friend of mine. she admitted that she often “thought” about this mutual friend. she “thought” about her naked. she “thought” about going to bed with her. i admitted that i “thought” about our mutual friend, too. we laugh, and change the topic. she told me that before preferring the ladies, she once was with three men at once, and she absolutely loved it. intrigue!

further discussion. further honesty. further enjoyment of our friendship. it was a lovely catchup. an hour passed in what felt like ten minutes. 

we said our farewells. another smile, embrace, and kiss on the cheek. yes, we must do this again. she reiterated that she was glad i connected with her because she was “thinking” about me.

oh. yes. i understand. 

you’ve been “thinking” about me.

yes, i’ve been “thinking” about fucking you, too. mmmm. i like ladies who prefer ladies. mmmm.